Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Picture Winter

I joined BPS Picture Winter and so far have managed to keep up. These are my first weeks photo's.

Day 1 resting and relaxing (Lol I went to Bluewater and hit the sales but we did stop for frequent rests)
Day 2 Breath of fresh air 
Day 3 Possibilties
Day 4 A little bit of sunshine
Day 5 Everyday use - something I can't live without!
Day 6 Cracks
Day 7 Quiet beauty

Am now a couple of days behind but am not going to beat myself up about it. I will catch up!

I have exercised every other day so far so that resolution is on track but have failed miserably on the card front but again I can catch up!!!

Lastly for Monica, the Merry Christmas banner I made with Stampin' up paper, my Tim Holtz rosette die and my nesties.

Just to prove I do craft occasionally!!!



Oooh how fab did it turn out? a lot more ambitious than my own, love it!! a project that you can take out every year. And what are you doing posting all those pictures of chocs? I licked the screen when I saw Day 3, the possibilities indeed.Keep it up honey xx

Tracy said...

Oh your photography is beautiful.
Your banner is lovely.
I was planning on making one this last Christmas, but never got to it.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, love how you do that. love your christmas banner. I keep meaning to make something like that for home ... maybe this year
hugs June