Sunday, 8 January 2012

Keeping up with those good intentions

One small step towards my resolutions, I've taken a photo a day and made them in to a collage!  I decided to use some 5x7 templates from Kerri Bradford these were from her Snapshots collections.

I love Kerri's products but she has made me want a Silhouette sooooooo badly!!!

My photos are:-

Day 1    Those fabulous fireworks to welcome in the new year - so amazing!
Day 2    A shopping  eating trip to Bluewater.
Day 3    Jake on the carousel at Van Hages.
Day 4    Our lovely Princess Ellen who is sadly leaving us this week for her Hygienist course.
Day 5    The digital Project Life kit I bought for my poor man's Project Life!
Day 6    My brand new point and shoot camera so I don't have to lug my bigger camera around!
Day 7    Taking down the decorations until the next time!

Going back to day 5, I wanted to do Project Life but could no way afford to buy a kit, always supposing I could get hold of one in this country, so I bought a large pack of baseball card holders and will use the cards and papers which come with the digi version to make my own!

The exercise is going ok, the diet not so much! We're still wading through the left-overs from Christmas - cheese and pate are not good diet food especially when eaten with quantities of fresh French bread, crisps and cheese straws!!!

And.........I blogged again! Too much of a good thing?  We'll see.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Well here I am again!  It's just got to be done. New Years Resolution time, you know those resolutions I make then you don't see me again for 6 months, yeah those!

I want to try to do a photo a day project again although it might dwindle to a photo a week, we'll see. I'm hoping, with a camera on my phone, forgetting (or not bothering with) my camera won't be an excuse.

I want to do the get fitter/slimmer bit too, maybe back to Slimming World, we'll see. I got a Wii Fit for Christmas which I love so, hopefully, I'll use that a lot.

Posting on here? I'll try to post my photo's weekly and I've got a backlog of cards and layouts which I haven't posted, sheer laziness and an unwillingness to fight with Blogger every time I came on, although this new format seems sooooooo much easier!

Life should be a little easier in 2012. Stuart has taken out his private pension so life should be less worrying and, with a job, hopefully, on the horizon, even back to how it used to be! Robbie has also just got a job, at last, so things are looking up!

So hello again blog. Happy New Year to anyone who happens along. I will see you again soon!!!