Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jake is 2

On Saturday my gorgeous Jake was 2 years old.  He had a wonderful day. At home he got a kitchen for his birthday which he loved.

First on a craft note, this is the card I made him. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel and bounces along to the Hot Dog dance. 

We all met in London and went to the Science Museum. They have an under 5's section in the basement which I would recommend highly to anyone with children that age (beware though, buggies are NOT allowed so if you have a baby, take it in a sling.) Jake loved this area and we stayed for a couple of hours.

Later after lunch we took him to Coram's Field, near Russell Square which is amazing. No adults allowed unless accompanied by a child, which they reinforce with a gatekeeper. There are a variety of playgrounds for different age groups. Jakes play area was all sand and water (note for next time take bucket and spade!!!). The climbing areas were safe enough not to have to follow him too closely and all told he had a great time.
Isn't he having a good time?

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